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How to ensure flash movies don’t render on top of other elements in HTML


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How to ensure flash movies don’t render on top of other elements in HTML
18 August, 2010  |  No comments  |  Web Development Tips


Once in a while we have specific requests from our clients to embed a flash video into their website. The request it self is quite straight forward but once we excel the project to the implementation stage we find that flash videos appear on top of all elements and not as expected. This happens because, by default, flash movies render on top of all elements regardless of the stacking order, or in html terms the z-index. An end result example may be seen here: http://www.ezstreetcambridge.ca. There is a simple trick that you may implement in order to save you the trial and error with CSS.

What you have to do is add the following parameter to the flash <object>…<param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param>…</object>. This will do the trick and should give your flash movies the same rendering

If you would like to read the official explanation from adobe you may do so here

Hope this help!

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