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How and why we started Eligon.ca


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How and why we started Eligon.ca
8 June, 2010  |  No comments  |  Uncategorized

We practice what we preach. A glimpse into our own startup.

The idea came while overhearing a conversation of a few friends of ours who are all in top positions in their fields, executives, doctors, lawyers and university professors and they were sharing horror stories of single life and especially online dating. Some of them were complaining about a lack of accomplished singles and that the generic dating websites were just a pool of unemployed people especially during the recession. Others were uncomfortable with the idea that their picture and personal information was going to be used as advertisements and be available to the public. The remainder though couldn’t bear the idea of encountering their secretary, clients or students on these websites.

Owning a web development company and solving our client’s problems using web application all day long I thought about it a little and asked them. What if there was a special kind of a dating website?

A website that would screen people based on education, income and management, and at this website, user profiles were protected from the public.

What if somebody just signs in to this website under a fake name and look at our profiles, or lie about who they are just to get in? They asked.

“Then we’ll verify the identity of each person registering to the website” I said. Realizing how excited they were at the idea that there would actually be a website like that me and Alex started doing our research discovering how great of a need these very successful people who neglected their love life in favour of their career have for a dating service and also discovering how inadequate and risky the available options are we decided to go for it and create a better kind of an online dating site. Owning a web design company we had the knowledge and the tools to turn into reality, we’ve done it before for our clients so it was time to do it for ourselves.

It wasn’t easy, the dating industry has been labelled as shady and morally grey, and we have to overcome that perception everyday but it is a very rewarding challenge. The dating industry is almost as bad as VIAGRA. Knowing we can compete in such a saturated market gives me great confidence to offer our clients the same marketing solutions that work for us.

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