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Is there integrity in internet marketing?


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Is there integrity in internet marketing?
19 May, 2010  |  No comments  |  Uncategorized

Let’s face the truth; marketing and advertising are morally grey fields to begin with. Advertisements are overloaded with promises and exaggerations, ridiculed by countless comedians, and labeled as sleazy since the beginning of capitalism. The internet is also known to be a place potent with shady activity. What happens when you combine the two? A total anarchy or is it possible to maintain integrity in internet marketing?

I believe that it’s possible to market real value through the internet without over promising and manipulation. Search engines are a wonderful thing they actually change the whole advertising dynamic by allowing advertisers to advertise to people who are actually actively searching for their services instead of imposing on unsuspected viewers or pedestrians. It also allows for advertisers to pay exactly for only traffic they actually get by Pay Per Click. There are many other technological advantages to internet marketing to be able to become less sleazy. Unfortunately due to the fact that internet marketing is about 30 times cheaper than TV and the fact that there are no start-up costs to start advertising on the internet there’s mayhem. A flock of affiliate marketers, who are basically people who are selling other peoples products online for commission, are breaking all the rules. Most commonly they are using sales letters, the infomercial’s twin from a parallel internet universe. These sales letters are typically 5-10 pages long all crammed in one page, filled with fake quotes from fake clients. Pictures of mansions, jets and houses that these alleged money-making-gurus have and an overdose of “CLICK HERE”, “LIMITED TIME OFFER” “FREE” and “BUY NOW” graphics. The biggest problem that I have with these methods other than the cheesiness is that they sell virtual products with no real value. The internet has the potential reverse the whole dynamic of advertising with search engines and social media. But I think we’re only going to start seeing a major shift in a few years when Google takes over the planet; meanwhile we’ll all have to continue to “CLICK HERE NOW”.

Boris Giller
– Marketing Manager

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